Nasedlovice Hill climb

Nasedlovice Hill climb



5 or 6 speed

Kit includes

  • Complete Sequential Mechanism
  • Complete Casings
  • Input and Output Shafts with 90mm center distance
  • 1st – 6th Gears with dog rings
  • Selector Rods
  • Selector Forks
  • Shifting Roller
  • Gear Indicator Sensor
  • Customised output flange
  • Customised input shaft
  • Customised gear ratio
  • Limited Slip Differential if required
  • Interchangable shifting position
  • Internal Oil Pump
  • Customised Transfer Gears
  • Internal Hydraulic shifting piston
  • Complete Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings set
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Kit weight

with diff 74 Kg

Gearbox type

6 speed sequential

Torque rating

750 ft lbs / 1000 Nm

Our advantages

  • Gearbox is adaptable to suit both AWD and RWD applications! Torque rating 1000NM!
  • The Universal Sequential Gearbox can be used as an AWD or RWD gearbox, with front or rear mounting. A custom flange is possible to be made between the gearbox and bellhousing for installation.
  • Variant options of the rear housing for internal or external driveshaft.
  • Adjusting screw for external setup of differential preload.
A selection of a few ratios are shown below. This gearbox is customised for you! There are almost limetless ratios available for this gearbox in either 5 or 6 speed designs. Please contact us or try our gear ratio calculator to make your perfect ratio!

ISOTROPIC SUPERFINISHING on all parts as standard!

Gear ratios available

1071-DMA 6 speed 3.33

GEAR Tooth count GEAR
output input
1st 41t 12t 3,42
2nd 31t 13t 2,38
3rd 25t 14t 1,79
4th 24t 17t 1,41
5th 23t 20t 1,15
6th 24t 25t 0,96

1071-DMA 6 speed 4.13

GEAR Tooth count GEAR
output input
1st 32t 12t 2,67
2nd 27t 14t 1,93
3rd 28t 18t 1,56
4th 25t 19t 1,32
5th 24t 21t 1,14
6th 24t 24t 1,00

1071-DMA 6 speed 4.63

GEAR Tooth count GEAR
output input
1st 33t 12t 2,75
2nd 30t 14t 2,14
3rd 30t 17t 1,76
4th 27t 18t 1,50
5th 26t 20t 1,30
6th 25t 22t 1,14