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The minimum standard for Kotouč Gearboxes

Kotouč Gearboxes was one of the pioneering companies using the revolutionary super finishing process from REM on racing gearbox components before it became more popular throughout the racing industry as you see today. Kotouč Gearboxes recognised this improvement in the surface quality of gears and parts and immediately implemented that process into the manufacturing process.

Unlike other companies, Kotouč Gearboxes sees this final superfinishing process as an integral part of the overall production process, that is why the gearboxes supplied outperform the competition with strength, durability and shift performance. The process is not an additional optional upgrade that other companies use to make a quick dollar. All required parts will see the superfinishing process from Kotouč Gearboxes as minimum standard!

Kotouč Gearboxes has its own in house rotating drums and dryers and can offer that service to customers who wish to have the same superfinishing on their parts. If you are looking for a company who can process the REM superfinishing process quickly and effectively, look no further. Finishing can be on many different materials, however the ideal is hardened steel. Why superfinishing? Read below..

If you have only a few parts or thousands, we are able to process these. Contact us today with any enquiries you may have.

Should you wish to send a sample for testing, then please address your package to:

Kotouč Gearboxes

Prerovska 561

75201 Kojetin

Czech Republic

And call Neal Mendham on +420 725 790 769

Worldwide pickup and shipping available.

What is Isotropic superfinishing?

Isotropic Superfinishing is the mass finishing of parts with a combination of chemicals and friction stones to reduce the surface roughness. Mass finishing is a process usually done in a rotary vibrating bowl with ceramic, porcelan, stainless steel or other friction material that will over time in combination with chemical reduce the peaks and fill in the valleys of the material of parts at a microscopic level to values.


What are the benefits?

REM Surface Engineering and the motorsports industry share a common goal – achieving a winning finish every time. Motorsports components operate at extreme speeds under high torque requirements. These parts experience extremely high temperatures and parasitic friction. These two conditions lead to over-heating, significant horsepower losses, and, ultimately, catastrophic metallurgical failure of interacting metal surfaces.

Applying REM’s revolutionary ISF® Process to motorsport parts results in faster, more efficient vehicles that win races and parts that last considerably longer than standard components. The ISF Process creates a smooth, micro-textured surface that does not just withstand the harsh conditions generated in races, but also helps drivers to excel.

In summary:

Lower surface roughness

Reduced friction

Reduced heat

Reduced drivetrain power losses

Increased strength

Increased reliability

Mirror finish








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