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Production and Development

Production and Development
Kotouč Gearboxes has been one of the major gearbox suppliers in the motorsport industry for the past 25 years and over this time, there has been a major shift in production technology and techniques. Kotouč Gearboxes continually invests in technology improvements and new markets to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products available. The engineering expertise available and a proven track record of World Championship wins confirms the status of the company and cements Kotouč Gearboxes´ position as a world class gearbox manufacturer. The engineering of products are redefining the standards set for the transmission industry as outlined below.

Kotouč Gearboxes Design
Not all gearboxes are created equal! A gearbox needs to deliver the engine torque to the wheels effectively. It needs to be efficient so that the car is performing at its peak. Kotouč Gearboxes has introduced an improvement to its unique dog ring design to speed up the shift and enhance the smoothness. These subtle changes sets the company apart from the competition.

Additionaly, since 2019, Kotouc Gearboxes has implemented a proprietry military process that lowers fiction, improves material strength and longevity of parts. Working closely with military engineers specialising in rocket technology, this technology is now in every one of our gearboxes. It proves the great lengths the company will invest in developments to ensure that you succeed.

What is a dogbox?
A dogbox is a gearbox that contains a „dog“ engagement. That means there are no synchro rings in the gearbox for shifting, but rather dogrings and dog gears. By removing this mechanical limitation, a dogbox is able to shift at faster speeds than the traditional synchro gearbox. A dog engagement gearbox can either be a H pattern or sequential. The type of dog engagement will vary between gearbox supplier. At Kotouč Gearboxes, we are using patented dogring technology, that is not found with other suppliers. We have perfected the process over the past 25 years with our racing experience. Our dogboxes are known for extremely fast shifts because of the following:
Shorter shift distance leading to a much shorter throw of the shift lever
Reduced friction over the length of the shift
Smoother engagement of dogring
and as recent as 2018, another improvement was made that greatly improved the “initial engagement” thus increasing the servicing lifetime of dogrings

Kotouc Gearboxes has at its disposal the following equipment
5 axis CNC milling machine x2
4 axis CNC milling machine x3
Wire cutting EDM machine
CNC Lathe x3
Gear hobbing machine x2
Surface grinding machine
Cylindrical grinding machine
Vibratory finishing machine
Metal hardness testing equipment
Metal cutting saw