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Přerovska 561, 75201 Kojetín, Czech Republic

Kotouč Gearboxes Main Office

Přerovska 561, 75201 Kojetín, Czech Republic


Based in the center of Europe, since 1989, Jíři Kotouč has built from the ground the complete KAPS group as it is today. KAPS (Kotouc Automaticke Prevodovky Servis / english: Kotouč Automatic Gearbox Service) began as a local workshop servicing European and American cars, before focusing on Automatic Gearboxes, and then race transmission kits and driveline components.

With a passion for racing, Mr Kotouč purchased his VW golf and began rallying in Czech Republic, with a number of wins in class. It was quickly realised that his race demands were not met by a poor performing gearbox, hence the need to develop something new. This became the seed that grew the company from a local car and automatic transmission workshop to a world renowned brand KOTOUČ GEARBOXES that specialises in the production of aftermarket racing gearbox parts with customers in over 101 countries spread over 6 continents. KOTOUČ GEARBOXES has always been at the front of the pack for new products and technical development. Extending from traditions in rally, into other forms of racing such as hill climb, time attack, drag, circuit and drifting, KOTOUČ GEARBOXES has supplied world champions and achieving outstanding race results worldwide.


1989: Jíři Kotouč company founded 

1994: Specialist in Automatic Transmissions

1997: First use of KAPS and development of VW golf limited slip differential

1998: Subaru WRX dogbox designed

2002: KAPS Transmissions founded

2004: Niall McShea with our DogBox in his Subaru PWRC won the world championship.

2005: Production of strain gauge technology in sequential shifting lever

2007: Sequential Shifting System : www.sssdrive.com launched

2008: New workshop built with over 1000sq ft space

2009: Company upgraded to KAPS Automatic SRO founded

2012: Online webshop launched with over 60000 automatic spare parts! www.kaps-parts.com 

2015: KAPS Transmissions SRO registered

2017: Partnership with Motul Motorsport

2018: New name KOTOUČ GEARBOXES for race division

Office at Brno