Programmable LED Display

Programmable LED Display

Kit includes

  • Large display digit for easy visability
  • Light sensor and automatic dimmer
  • Accepts digital, PWM or analogue input
  • 12v power supply
  • Deutsch Autosport 6pin DTM series connector
  • Programmable 9 forward gears, Neutral and Reverse
  • Mounting screws
  • Wiring harness available
  • Universal application
  • Dimensions 60x90x25mm
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Our advantages

  • The Programmable LED Display is packed with many features that makes it the right choice for your application. The display is able to be used with any sequential gearbox 
  • It is compatible with a gearbox sensor using an alalogue, PWM or digital output.
  • Programming of the display is a simple setup with up to 9 forward gears possible, neutral and reverse.
  • An additional feature is that the display has a reverse output relay signal to switch on the reverse lights of the car when reverse gear is engaged.
  • Professional waterproof Deutsch Autoport connector is used and available with the display is a complete professional wiring harness.
  • The red digit can be easily seen from all angles even in high glare situations and for driving at night, the display has a built in automatic dimmer.