Nasedlovice Hill climb

Nasedlovice Hill climb


Subaru DCCD Magnet upgrade

Subaru DCCD Magnet upgrade

Kit includes

  • 1x magnet +30% power
  • 2x pins
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Our advantages

Extract the maximum torque out of the DCCD with the Subaru DCCD magnet upgrade. The upgraded model allows for 30% higher lock up, thereby delivering more torque to the wheels which results in faster acceleration and improved lap times. 

Additionally, the current of the magnet is reduced so the thermal stress of the coil is also reduced and thus having a positive effect on the temperature of the oil.

Installation is extremely quick and simple, quick and there are no modifications required. The magnet will fit to the original components.

Since Subaru does not supply a coil as a stand-alone spare part (only with a center differential), the coil can be purchased as a spare part in the event of a coil failure, and at the same time to increase the efficiency of the vehicle's traction control system.

Available for:


- DCCD 2002-2006

- DCCD 2006+