Nasedlovice Hill climb

Nasedlovice Hill climb

Kit includes

  • Electronic ECU SHIFTBOX
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Our advantages

The SHIFTBOX ECU is the all in one, simple to tune ECU solution for customers with a sequential gearbox who do not want the hassle and problems and costs associated with searching for and implementing an engine tuner´s map. The Shiftbox can be used universally with any transmission and/or paddle shifting kit. There are many features available in the product:

Programmable outputs

  • Engine cutting signal
  • Throttle blip signal
  • Gear lever position voltage
  • Gear sensor voltage

Programmable inputs

  • Gear position sensor
  • Shift lever sensor
  • Paddle shifting
  • Clutch automation
  • Mode change

With the input and output signal above, below are some of the tuning possibilites available

  • Fine tuning the setup of each gear individually on the upshift and on the downshift
  • Adjustment of active and non active components
  • Creation, uploading and saving of maps
  • Change polarity of signals
  • Open and closed loop setups
  • Full monitoring of all active signals 
  • Reprogramming of dash display
  • Hydraulic clutch adjustment