Race Team


Kit includes

  • Rear Drive Disconnect unit
  • Customisation of input flange
  • Customisation of CV joints
  • Customisation of ratio
  • Ability to turn up 180° for correct turn of wheels
  • Optional:
  • Rear differential
  • Banja and braided piping
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Car model


Torque rating

3100 ft lbs / 4200 Nm

Our advantages

The Rear Drive Disconnect is a specialist product developed by Kotouč Gearboxes for AWD vehicles, that allows the rear wheels to be disconnected from the engine torque. The activation of the unit is made with the hydraulic handbrake.

The Rear Drive Disconnect is found on R5 rally vehicles where there is no center differential. Both the front and the rear axles are "locked" together. When navigating tight turns that require a handbrake, the hydraulic pressure from the handbrake pushes against the springs inside the disconnect unit and disconnecting the rear wheels from the drive allowing them to turn freely. The race car is able to quickly and efficiently get in and out of the corner quickly.

As an additional option, it is possible to use our hydraulic shifting unit that you can see here instead of the hydraulic handbrake that you can set up electronically for the best and fastest activation and performance.

Depending upon the type of gearbox currently installed in the car and the rotation of the driveshaft, the rear differential of the disconnect unit can be flipped so that the rear wheels will turn in the correct direction.

The rear differential is a limited slip version with plates inside and the preload can be adjusted externally!


The system contains a set of 50 steel plates and is able to withstand the strongest of cars with a maximum torque rating of 4200NM.