Nasedlovice Hill climb

Nasedlovice Hill climb


Mitsubishi Dogbox kit Evo X

5 speed Gp N

Kit includes

  • Input Shaft
  • Output Shaft
  • 1st – 5th Gears
  • Dog rings
  • Final Drive
  • Selector Rods
  • Selector Forks
  • Complete shifting components with revolutinary combined Shifting Finger and Blockation mechanism
  • Complete Reverse gear components
  • Full Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings kit
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Our advantages

The Mitsubishi dogkit from Kotouč Gearboxes is the ultimate in performance. Compared to other brands, this Evo X dogkit contains many more parts inside, making it the strongest available on the market. Every single millimeter of avalable space has been used to incorporate the straight cut wider and larger gears. Combine this with the upgraded dogring technology, and revolutionary comined blockation and shifting mechanism, the Evo X dogkit becomes the fastest and smoothest shifting possible. Whether for tuning or racing, the Kotouč Gearboxes Evo IX dogkit is perfect upgrade for all applications.  

  • REVOLUTIONARY dog ring technology
  • UNBREAKABLE High strength shift rods
  • Latest HEAT TREATMENT and CRYOGENIC technology processes
  • Every part is coded for easy identification
Kit is supplied in assembly position for easy installation into the original Mitsubishi casing.

ISOTROPIC SUPER FINISHING on all parts!      read more


FIA Homologated for group N

Gear ratios available

Mitsubishi dogkit Evo X 4.31

GEAR Tooth count GEAR
output input
1st 36t 12t 3,00
2nd 26t 13t 2,00
3rd 25t 17t 1,47
4th 25t 22t 1,14
5th 25t 28t 0,89