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Kit includes

  • Limited Slip Differential LSD – Externally adjustable!
  • Complete Bilet aircraft grade aluminium casings
  • Sequential Mechanism with Dog engagement
  • Input and Dual Output Shafts
  • Final drive
  • Gears 1st-7th
  • Shifting Forks
  • Shifting Rods
  • Complete Bearing and Needle Bearing set
  • Gear Position Indicator Sensor
  • Inlet / Outlet for oil pump and cooler
  • Position for oil temperature sensor
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Kit weight

55 Kg

Gearbox type


Shift Speed

< 40 millisecond

Car model

Lancia Delta

Torque rating

1050 ft lbs / 1400 Nm

Our advantages

Finally a sequential gearbox able to hold the power of the Lancia Delta Integrale! One of the most popular rally cars historically, the Lancia has its loyal supporters and now it has the gearbox to bring back the reliability and performance the car was known for. If you are looking to give your Lancia Delta Integrale the superstar treatment, then the 7 speed sequential gearbox from Kotouc Gearboxes is a must.

The 7 speed sequential gearbox is designed to fit in the original position as a replacement for the standard gearbox. Additionally, the same clutch, flywheel, starter motor, gearbox mounts, driveshafts all stay the same. There is no modification required to any of those parts, so installation is swift and time and costs are saved.

For those looking to upgrade, the sequential gearbox is prepared for a hydraulic clutch bearing, and mounting position for a piston in the case of paddle shifting. An oil outlet and inlet are available for the compatibility of an oil pump and cooler and a spare thread prepared for an oil temperature sensor.

Our dogring technology and engineering of the shifting barrel allows for the smoothest and cleanest shifting gearbox on the market. The arrangement of the gearing on the shafts allow for a 7 speed gearbox in a space usually that only 5 gears would fit. Moreover, the maxiximum width of the gears are 25mm!! Almost twice the size of the original Toyota gears.

With the popularity of this gearbox already high, there is no tome to wait! Call us today to get your hands on this amazing gearbox!

  • Application: Toyota Yaris GR
  • Gearbox Type: 7 speed full sequential gearbox
  • Max torque: 1400NM
  • Gear shift layout: R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-R-N-1-2...
  • Tooth Profile: straight cut
All parts are REM Isotropic superfinished as standard!