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Kit includes

  • Clutch body
  • Optional:
  • Shiftbox
  • Software
  • Professional Wiring Harness
  • Hydraulic unit
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Our advantages

The Automated Hydraulic Clutch Unit takes the vehicle to a higher level of performance under extreme conditions and adds another dimension to racing.

CNC milled from a single billet piece of aircraft grade aluminium, the clutch unit is extremely strong, precision of production with the highest possible tolerances so that it can handle high pressures. In adition, the solenoids in construction of the clutch body have the fastest operating speed of 28 milliseconds!

The Complete system can be controlled either through the Kotouč Gearboxes´ SHIFTBOX or it is possible to control the Automated Hydraulic Clutch Unit through any alternative ECU with adequate programming abilities.

With individual setup, the product hydraulically engages the clutch on a gear change either up or down for a user set number of milliseconds, eliminating the use of the driver’s left foot on the clutch pedal when racing.

The Automated Hydraulic Clutch Unit can be both mechanically and electronically adjusted to match the travel distance of the clutch installed in the car. Therefore, the clutch is open the minimal distance for the fastest possible actuation. Both the opening and closing speed of the solenoids on the system can be regulared through a PWM electronic signal, so full tuning capabilities are at your fingertips.

Additionally, a fail safe solenoid is installed on the unit that react to clutch pedal pressure and the possibility to use the foot clutch pedal is retained. 

Recommended with use minimum is a dual plate clutch.

Other benefits / driving capabilites:

  • Great functionality in high slip environments
  • Downshift without brake
  • Ensure engagement of gear
  • Reduce dogring wear
  • Adaptable to clutches whether gearboxes are either with shift lever or paddles
  • Universal fitment