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0A6 Sequential Gearbox

MQ500, DQ500 replacement

Kit includes

  • Limited Slip Differential LSD – Externally adjustable!
  • Complete Bilet aircraft grade aluminium casings
  • Sequential Mechanism with Dog engagement
  • Input and Dual Output Shafts
  • Final drive
  • Gears 1st-7th
  • Shifting Forks
  • Shifting Rods
  • Complete Bearing and Needle Bearing set
  • Gear Position Indicator Sensor
  • Inlet / Outlet for oil pump and cooler
  • Position for oil temperature sensor
  • CV joints included
  • Multiple bellhousing options
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Gearbox type


Shift Speed

< 40 millisecond

Kit weight

55 Kg

Torque rating

1100 ft lbs / 1500 Nm

Our advantages

The 0A6 VW 7 SPEED full sequential gearbox from Kotouc Gearboxes is the performance difference that the VW community has been waiting for. Whether it be on the drag strip, racetrack or street, the 0A6 VW sequential gearbox will have your car outperforming the competition. It is designed as a replacement for either the MQ500 (6 speed manual) or the DQ500 (DSG) and we have multiple bellhousing options to suit the various platforms. Additionally, it can replace also the MQ350 / DQ350 as the strongest option for the most demanding vehicles. The gearbox was developed following a strong demand from the VW community needing to gain the additional performance and reliability that the factory original or supplied sequential gearbox cannot deliver. Faster acceleration, higher strength, lightweight, quicker shifts and a range of ratios able to match with any track requirements!


The 0A6 VW 7 SPEED Full Sequential Gearbox incorporates special dogring technology for short, smooth and quick gear changes. Flatshifting of gears in as little as 40 milliseconds.

Unique to the 0A6 VW 7 SPEED full sequential gearbox is the externally adjustable nut for setup of differential preload. The differential has a maximum adjustment to 13kg and customisable ramp angles can be produced if required. Standard ramp angles are 53/0 and 40/0.

  • Application: Complete VW range of vehicles
  • Gearbox Type: 7 speed full sequential gearbox
  • Weight: 58.4kgs
  • Max torque: 1500NM
  • Gear shift layout: R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-R-N-1-2...
  • Tooth Profile: straight cut
  • Shift speed:
All components are REM isotropical superfinished as standard!